In the beginning, a pair of lovers do not fully understand each other's preferences or character, but are willing to show their own advantages in front of each other. On the one hand, in the hazy consciousness of love, we can't see each other's shortcomings. No matter what the other side does, we are as obedient as a little sheep. Because in each other's eyes each other is beautiful, this is the so-called love chapter. As time goes on, two people have a preliminary understanding of each other. How much to give each other's feeling is different from the original, at this time someone begins to blame each other. For example: Why are you so stupid? Why are you so hot tempered? Why are you so rude? There are so many such words. In fact, these bad habits are not formed in a day or two. It's just that at the beginning we lacked observation and understanding, and no one was perfect, but at this stage we began to have a sense of resistance. I feel a little dissatisfied, but I don't want to do it. So I thought in my heart, walk and see, and give each other a chance. Slowly, we have a thorough understanding of each other. Some of the little frictions and contradictions in life have been gradually solved. As soon as the break in period is over, we gradually accept the fact. At this time, you will surely think, "he is like that, I don't have to worry about him.". In this way, your heart will surely be peaceful. Later, we began to pay attention to each other and try to help each other to correct their shortcomings. At this time, the other side is a little bit reluctant to accept your proposal, a little stubborn. Maybe quarrel with you, cold war for ten and a half days. In my heart, I always murmured why this man wanted me to change for him, but after a long time, I figured it out again. Know that the other side is for their own good, try to accept the other side's proposal. Let's imagine if someone doesn't love you, will he take care of you? Our energy is limited. We don't need to spend it on someone who has nothing to do with us. In fact, the person we care about is the one we love, because only when we love someone can we think about him everywhere. We can't blame each other blindly. At any time, we should act according to the circumstances, so-called specific analysis.